My college Visit


For our college visits I went to DMACC, Des Moines Area Community College. On our tour we walked all around the campus that we got assigned. On our campus there were multiple buildings almost all of them had couches,  chairs, and even tables throughout the halls students could sit at and study or do work. There was a building for math specifically. There was a building that had a “work space” “lab” (also had a CNC lab)  type thing where they made washers, drilled metal, melted stone, and build stuff. They had a computer lab for students to go research, study, etc. Some students brought their laptops and used the free wifi in the halls. Right next to the computer lab there was a coffee shop students could go to get refreshments and snacks, they also have a food truck. A Lot of the students seemed to just do their own thing. We went to the Robotics part of DMACC, which is a very nice career choice. You make nice money, a lot of student get offered a job before they even graduate. All and all it was a very nice school and the tour guides were nice. Also we got PIZZA!!!!!!